Welcome to StayMeFit!!!

The main reason for this initiative is to educate on healthy life style interms of fitness and healthy diet, in our daily routine & busy life style.

If we could be able to spare 1 hour per day and start following simple fitness tips and healthy diet plan makes you to get rid of excess body fat / blood cholestrol / improve HDL by lowering LDL. And improve your skin tone , makes you look healthy , young and slim fit.

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Common Questions

  • Drinking Diet Sodas
  • Having lunch / dinner with big groups
  • Surfing on social networking website, while you are on the bed
  • You remain in the comfort zone. I mean, you have to do things, which challenges you physically!
  • Frozen foods
  • Being remain seated at same place, for longer time
  • Not enough sleep
  • Stress / Becoming pressurised at work place
  • Late night eating habits
  • Skipping Breakfast
  • Eating too much oily foods
  • Not eating dry fruits
  • Drinking too little water
  • Avoiding dairy products like Milk, yogurt.
  • Having dinner, very late during the night
  • Not having enough proteins, carbs, good fats, on daily basis
  • Counting calories on daily is very difficult. Good to have a proper plan on diet/exercises on weekly basis and keep track of it. This is where our website StayMeFit helps you out!!. Use our website, for free, to plan ,execute and track your diet/fitness plan daily, weekly, monthly...You could revisit your previous diet plans, while you are making progress, in losing weight.

    Absolutely, NO!, for Program type "Self Driven". You could register for free , create your own diet/fitness program plan and start executing it. You could always reach us, via support@staymefit.com if you are unclear in using the website.